WotLK Tailoring Guide: 1 – 450 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Our WotLK tailoring guide will show you how to max this profession the fastest. If you’re playing a cloth wearing, you should consider getting tailoring as one of your professions. The biggest bonus of this profession is the cloak enchant Lightweave Embroidery, which increases your spell power by 295 for 15 seconds with a 45 seconds cooldown. It is extremely useful for both casters and healers. There are other embroideries as well, like the Darkglow Embroidery which restores mana, and Swordguard Embroidery, which increases attack power. However, these two will rarely see use.

Also, tailors have access to a unique mount – Magnificent Flying Carpet. It doesn’t give any bonus stat-wise, but it is a nice cosmetic.

Tailors can craft some amazing items. Deathchill Cloak will be a money maker during the first few phases of the game. However, you will first need to finish the Loremaster of Northrend achievement to be able to learn the recipe. 

As more phases and raid tiers open, you will have access to new recipes, which you’ll be able to craft and sell as well.

Total mats needed for 1-450 Tailoring

Tailoring trainers

Classic Trainers (1-300)

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Tailoring Guide WoW classic

Apprentice tailoring (1 – 75)

Don’t forget to train Journeyman tailoring (75 – 150) once you reach skill level 50.

Journeyman tailoring (75 – 150)

Don’t forget to train Expert tailoring (150 – 225) once you reach skill level 125.

Expert tailoring (150 – 225)

Don’t forget to train Artisan tailoring (225 – 300) once you reach skill level 200. 

Artisan tailoring (225 – 300)

Tailoring Guide TBC

Master tailoring (300 – 375)

Learn Master tailoring (300 – 375) from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

  • Dalinna in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula.

Alliance trainers

  • Hama in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula.


The Pattern: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave is sold by Eiin in Shattrath. 
He also sells the Pattern: Netherweave Tunic which you will need for later so you can buy it now. 
To craft Bolt of Imbued Netherweave you will need a Mana Loom, and there is one next to him.

Tailoring Guide WoTLK

Grand Master tailoring (350 – 450)

Learn Grand Master tailoring (350 – 450) from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Both factions can also learn it from Charles Worth at Dalaran.

Because this part of the guide is entirely your decision, the mats needed will not be included in the total mats required list.

Thank you for reading our WotLK tailoring guide! You are now ready to craft all the cloth gear and bags you’re ever going to need. You can also have a nice supplemental income by crafting Moonshroud, Ebonweave, and Spellweave every time they are on cooldown. Just don’t forget to finish your specialization quest before you start doing that.