WotLK Lockpicking Guide: 1 – 450 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Lockpicking is a rogue-only profession, which isn’t mandatory to level up. It won’t offer you any extra stat bonuses or items – it’s just a little something extra you can do in your free time. Unfortunately, it can be quite boring to level up, so I won’t blame you if you don’t want to bother with it. However, if you do want to level it, this WotLK lockpicking guide will show you how. 

You can use lockpicking to farm boxes from the undead in the Avalance in Sholazar Basin. The other way you can gold from it is by opening boxes for random people in capital cities and getting tips. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work. 
Before starting your lockpicking leveling, invest in Glyph of Pick Lock, a minor glyph that makes your Pick Lock ability instantaneous. Believe me, it will help a lot. The other glyph you can buy is Glyph of Pick Pocket, which will increase the range of your Pick Pocket ability by 5 yards.

Lockpicking guide WoW Classic

South of Ratchet in the Barrens is the Merchant coast which is crawling with pirates. Over there you will find an anchored ship. Go inside the ship, go down the stairs and walk around the corner. There you will find the strongboxes.

Practice Lockbox in Redridge Mountains

East of Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains is Alther’s Mill. Go there and pick the lockboxes. 

On the western coast of Ashenvale is the Zoram Strand. Run up and down and open the Footlockers you find. Because of the constant running, this is the most annoying part of the grind. 

If you don’t want to bother with the Zoram Strand, alternatively you could go to Scarlet Monastery (Armory and Cathedral) and pickpocket the human mobs. They will occasionally give you Worn Junkbox which you can lockpick.

In northern Badlands there’s Angor Fortress where Dark Iron Dwarfs reside. The fortress has two levels: the battered footlockers are upstairs, and the dented ones are downstairs. The dented ones need 175 lockpicking to open, so you’ll have to spend some time upstairs first.

You’ll find Tyr’s Hand In southeastern Eastern Plaguelands which is a Scarlet Crusade base. Start by pickpocketing all humans and lockpicking all the junkboxes you get until you reach 250.

At 250 you’ll be able to open Scarlet Footlocker that lie around as well. 

Lockpicking guide TBC Classic

Strong Junkbox and Wicker-Chest in Zangarmarsh

In southern Zangarmarsh there’s the Feralfen village where the broken reside. You can pickpocket them for their junboxes and open the wicker chest you’ll find in the village. 

Dented Footlocker in Nagrand

In southeastern Nagrand there are demon-worshipping orcs in Kil’sorrow Fortress. Go around there and lockpick their footlockers. You can also pickpocket them for more strong junkboxes.

Lockpicking guide WotLK Classic

You will find the trunks in Onslaught Harbor, the Scarlet bastion in Northwestern Icecrown.

In the center of Icecrown there’s Ymirheim, a Vyrkul town where you can pickpocket the residents to get the junkboxes.

Another amazing spot to lockpick Junkboxes is The Avalance in the northeastern Sholazar Basin. There’s a tone of scourge over there you can lockpick.

Thank you for reading our WotLK lockpicking guide! Now that you are at max skill level, the only thing left to do is to choose a spot in a capital city and spam trade chat that you are opening all lockboxes. 🙂