WotLK Engineering Guide: 1 – 450 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Engineering is probably the best profession in WotLK. It offers both amazing minmaxing perks and fun items you can toy around with. If you are in a more serious raiding guild, there’s a high possibility the majority of your guildies have it as their profession. If you’d like to join them and become an engineer as well – this WotLK engineering guide is just for you.

One of the biggest advantages of engineering is definitely the feet enchant Nitro Boosts. Not only does it give you extra 24 critical strike, but it also has an on-use effect of increasing your speed for 5 seconds with a 3 min cooldown. This helps completely avoid some boss mechanics, which makes it very useful, especially for less mobile classes. 

Another notable engineering perk is the cloak enchant. You’ll have the option of choosing between Flexweave Underlay, which gives 23 additional agility, and Springy Arachnoweave, which gives 27 additional spell power. The last engineering enchant worth mentioning is Hyperspeed Accelerators, a hand enchant that has an on-use enchant of giving you 340 haste for 12 seconds with a 1 min cooldown. 

There are other engineering enchants as well, but they are less impactful. Furthermore, with engineering, you will be able to craft a powerful epic head item that will help you get ready for raids sooner. Also, if you use your sappers and bombs during raids, you will increase your DPS. 

Engineers can also make some fun items such as the Mechano-hog/Mekgineer’s Chopper. There’s also Jeeves, which will be a standard raid companion for many guilds. MOLL-E will help you access your mailbox wherever you are, and with Wormhole Generator: Northrend you can teleport all around Northrend. 

The downside of engineering is that it isn’t the most profitable profession in the game. However, you can deal with that while selling items like the aforementioned mounts. You can craft epic bind on equip guns like the Nesingwary 4000 and the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, which are strong phase 1 weapons. Zapthrottle Mote Extractor is still usable in WotLK for farming gas clouds. Also, engineers will be able to salvage the corpses of mechanical units for additional loot.

And lastly, engineers are the only ones that can use the auction house in Dalaran. 

Total mats needed for 1 – 450 Engineering

Engineering guide WoW Classic

Start by learning engineering from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Apprentice engineering (1 – 75)

You will need 30 of them further down the line, so just keep making them until you have enough.

Don’t forget to train Journeyman engineering (75 – 150) once you reach skill level 50.

Journeyman engineering (75 – 150)

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them later. 

Don’t forget to train Expert engineering (150 – 225) once you reach skill level 125.

Do both of these recipes until you have 40x Heavy Blasting Powder and 20x Whirring Bronze Gizmo. You will need those materials for later.

Expert engineering (150 – 225)

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them for the next step.

Don’t forget to train Artisan Engineering (225 – 300) once you reach skill level 200. 

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them later.

Artisan engineering (225 – 300)

  • 225 – 235
    13x Mithril Casing – 39x Mithril Bar (This recipe starts yellow, so you might need to make a bit more than 10.)

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them for the next step.

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them later.

Engineering guide TBC

Master engineering (300 – 375)

Learn Master enchanting (300 – 375) from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

  • Zebig in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Mack Diver in Zabra’jin, Zangarmarsh

Alliance trainers


  • Xyrol in Netherstorm at Area 52.
  • 300 – 320

Create all of these materials, you will need them for later.

The Schematic: White Smoke Flare is a limited supply recipe sold by these vendors:

This recipe starts yellow and goes green at 345, so you might need to make more than 15.

Engineering Guide WotLK

Grand Master engineering (350 – 450)

Learn Grand Master engineering (350 – 450) from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers


You will later need around 50x Handful of Cobalt Bolts and 30x Volatile Blasting Trigger so just make these recipes until you reach those numbers. 

Each craft of Handful of Cobalt Bolts has a chance of proccing 1-3 bolts, so it’s enough to do it 35 times.

Each craft of Volatile Blasting Trigger procs it 2 times.

Also, don’t sell these, you will need them further down the line.

This recipe also starts yellow, so you might need to make a bit more than 5. You can even push Global Thermal Sapper Charge until 435 if you want, it’s a pretty good consumable. However, it turns green at 430.  If you don’t know how to become a goblin engineer, read the section down below.

Crafting the epic head is optional. Because it’s your decision, the mats needed will not be included in the total mats required list.

Thank you for reading our WotLK engineering guide! This is truly one of the, if not the best profession in the whole expansion. With Nitro Boosts and Hyperspeed Accelerators, it offers some of the greatest enchants in the game. It also gives you bombs and sappers to include in your rotation to push the most DPS. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, you will also have a wide variety of items you could craft to make your gameplay quite more fun. My personal favorite is being able to access the auction house straight from Dalaran, instead of teleporting to one of the capital cities.