WotLK Alchemy Guide: 1 – 450 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Alchemy is a profession that lets you combine herbs to create powerful potions, elixirs, and flasks. It also allows you to transmute items. Alchemy is usually paired with herbalism when you are leveling a new character, or just starting out. However, you can still power-level alchemy by buying all the necessary materials from the auction house. Our WotLK alchemy guide will give you all the information on how to power level this profession.

The alchemy profession bonus in WotLK is Mixology, which increases the effect and duration of flasks. It is important to note that only affects flasks the alchemist can create. If you buy a flask from the auction house, but can’t create it yourself, you will not get the increased bonus. 

The Increased effects are:

The duration of all those flasks also gets doubled from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Other perks that alchemists get in WotLK are:

As well as these trinkets, which are powerful for entry-level raiding:

When researching online, you’ll rarely find alchemy mentioned as a min-max profession. Other professions usually have better bonuses, so don’t be surprised when you don’t find it a go-to profession for your WotLK character. 

However, alchemy is a great money maker, and I strongly suggest you have it on at least one of your characters. Not only is it a great source of income, but it also helps you become self-sufficient and not dependent on auction house prices. Alchemy creates consumables that the raider will constantly need throughout the expansion. You can also transmute epic gems and Titanium bars for even more profit. 

Total mats needed for 1-450 Alchemy

Classic materials

Classic alternative 1

Classic alternative 2

TBC materials

TBC alternative 1

355 – 375 TBC alternative

WotLK materials

WotLK alternative 1

WotLK alternative 2

WotLK alternative 3

WotLK alternative 4

Alchemy guide WoW Classic

Start by learning alchemy from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Apprentice alchemy (1 – 75)

Don’t sell these. You’ll need them for the next step.

Don’t forget to train Journeyman alchemy (75 – 150) once you reach skill level 50.

Journeyman alchemy (75 – 150)

Don’t forget to train Expert Alchemy (150 – 225) once you reach skill level 125.

Expert alchemy (150 – 225)

Don’t forget to train Artisan Alchemy (225 – 300) once you reach skill level 200

Alternatives – you can also do:

Recipe: Nature Protection Potion is sold by several different vendors. It’s a limited-supply recipe. You can always check the auction house for it if you don’t want to wait. 

Artisan alchemy (225 – 300)

Now it’s the best time to make a Philosopher’s stone. You will need this trinket for transmutes. The recipe for it is sold by Alchemist Pestlezugg in Gadgetzan, Tanaris. 

Alternative – you can also do:

  • 250 – 265
    20x Elixir of Greater Agility – 20x Sungrass, 20x Goldthorn, 20x Crystal Vial (This recipe goes yellow at 255, so you might need to make a bit more than 15. It has more expensive mats, but it should be easier to sell. Base your decision on your server’s economy.)

Alchemy guide TBC

Master alchemy (300 – 375)

Learn Master alchemy (300 – 375) from one of these trainers:

You’ll have to buy the Recipe: Super Mana Potion from Daga Ramba (Horde) or Haalrun (Alliance). This recipe is bind on pickup so you’ll, unfortunately, have to go there and buy it with your alchemist character.

Now you can go to Northrend and learn Grand Master alchemy. However, if you want to level up the next 25 points still using the TBC recipes you can do this:

You’ll have to buy the Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion from Daga Ramba (Horde) or Leeli Longhaggle (Alliance)

Alchemy guide WotLK

Grand master alchemy (350 – 450)

Learn Grand Master alchemy (350 – 450) from one of these trainers:



Neutral trainers

If you want to learn new alchemy recipes, you should do Northrend Alchemy Research whenever you got the cooldown ready (every 3 days). There are total of 13 new recipes you can learn this way. 

Also at this point if you want, you can create your rare trinket:

Transmute titanium can be profitable, but it’s already yellow when you start making it. Furthermore, it has a 20h cooldown.

If you are in a hurry, alternatively you can do:

5x Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond – 5x Dark Jade, 5x Huge Citrine, 5x Eternal Fire

Alternatively, you can start making flasks:

15x Flask of Endless Rage – 105x Lichbloom, 45x Goldclover, 15x Frost Lotus, 15x Enchanted Vial
or 15x Flask of Pure Mojo – 105x Icethorn, 45x Pygmy Oil, 15x Frost Lotus, 15x Enchanted Vial
or 15x Flask of Stoneblood – 105x Lichbloom, 45x Crystallized Life,15x Frost Lotus, 15x Enchanted Vial
or 15x Flask of the Frost Wyrm – 75x Icethorn, 75x Lichbloom, 15x Frost Lotus, 15x Enchanted Vial

Alchemy specializations

When you reach level 68 and alchemy level 325, you can start your alchemy specialization quest. Speak with Alchemist Gribble (A) or Apothecary Antonivich (H) in Hellfire Peninsula and they will offer you 3 possible paths. They will send you either to:

  1. Lauranna Thar’well in Zangarmarsh to start Master of Potions
  2. Lorokeem in Shattrath to start Master of Elixirs
  3. Zarevhi in Netherstorm to start Master of Transmutation

You should definitely finish one of those paths because they give you powerful bonuses – you get a chance of creating additional potions, elixirs/flasks, or transmutations. This essentially creates free items for you that you can either use or sell.

You can only choose one specialization, but don’t worry – even if you change your mind further down the line, you can unlearn it and switch to another specialization for 125g.

Master of Potions

This is usually the most popular specialization.

To complete the quest you need to bring to Lauranna Thar’well:

You don’t need to create those potions, you just need to bring them. This means you can even buy some from the auction house if you don’t have any in your personal stock.

The Botanist’s Field Guide drops from the second boss in the dungeon Tempest Keep: Botanica – High Botanist Freywinn. It has a 100% drop rate, and it drops both on normal and heroic difficulty.

Master of Elixirs

This is the hardest (most time-consuming) specialization to get.

To complete the quest you need to bring to Lorokeem:

Just like with the potions, you don’t need to create those elixirs, just to bring them. You are free to buy them from the auction house if you have none in your stock. 

Essence of Infinity is more painful to get. It drops from Rift Keepers and Rift Lords in Black Morass (both normal and heroic difficulty). However, the drop rate isn’t 100% so you might need to do the dungeon several times. 

It’s even worse if your alchemist character isn’t attuned to Black Morass so you’ll have to do all the necessary prequests before you can enter. 

Master of Transmutation

This is usually the most expensive specialization.

To complete the quest you need to bring to Zarevhi:

Transmute: Primal Might needs a lot of materials and it has a 20-hour cooldown. People usually don’t bother creating their own Primal Mights, but buy them from the auction house. However, that cost can add up.

If you have a lot of gold and can’t be bothered doing dungeons, you can finish Master of transmutation, unlearn it and then just learn some other specialization for 125g.

Thank you for reading our WotLK alchemy guide! You now have to skill to craft all the potions and flasks you will need during the expansion. Don’t forget to help your guildies with some crafts as well. Also, alchemy can be very lucrative, so don’t neglect the good old auction house game.