Vanilla Mining Guide: 1 – 300 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Welcome to our WoW Vanilla Mining Leveling Guide! This guide works for vanilla-era, SOM, and hardcore servers. 

Mining is a great gathering profession in the game. Both engineering and blacksmithing need mining materials. Depending on your server’s economy, you might make a lot of gold. One item that’s always in high demand is Arcane Crystal which can be mined from Rich Thorium Vein. You’ll find those in high-level zones. 

You can also do Dire Maul: East jump runes to farm those even more efficiently. 

This guide provides different options for different level ranges. When leveling mining, you’ll be running several circles around the zone. So wisely choose the zone you enjoy the most. It will help a lot! So buy a Mining Pick and start leveling!

I prepared a helpful table that shows when you can mine each vein:

Mining table (veins and skill levels)

(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
Copper Vein12550100
Tin Vein6590115165
Silver Vein75100125175
Iron Deposit125150175225
Gold Vein155180205255
Mithril Deposit175200225275
Truesilver Deposit230255280330
Small Thorium Vein245270295345
Rich Thorium Vein275300325375

Also, you could try and level mining by buying ore on the auction house and smelting it. However, this might prove to be an expensive and tedious endeavor. You reach green points more quickly by smelting. 

Still here’s a smelting table that might help you:

Smelting table (bars and skill levels)

(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
(Skill lvl)
Copper Bar1254770
Tin Bar65657075
Bronze Bar656590115
Silver Bar75115122130
Iron Bar125130145160
Gold Bar155170177185
Steel Bar165165165165
Mithril Bar175175202230
Truesilver Bar230250270290
Thorium Bar250250270290

Mining guide WoW Classic

Start by learning mining from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

1 – 65

Copper Ore

With rocks and hills everywhere, Durotar can be a bit annoying to navigate. Follow the outskirts of the mountains, and check around Sen’jin Village when you go south. Completely ignore the Valley of Trials. When you go to northeast, enter the Skull Rock cave to check it as well.
The downside of Tirisfal Glades is that it doesn’t have the best vein density of all the starting zones, thus making mining a running around a bit tedious. The upside is that the route is really easy to follow and quite chill. Just follow the edges of the zone while ignoring the Scarlet Monastery and Deathknell parts.
Run circles around Mulgore while ignoring the southern part of the zone. There could be some veins down there, but it should be quicker this way. Also, there are two caves - the Palemane Rock in the western part of the zone, and the Venture Co. Mine in the eastern part. Check inside those as well.
Dun Morogh is crazy good for mining. There are a lot of hills and caves so there’s no set mining route that is recommended to take. I circled the two routes on the map there are the most veins, but you won’t do wrong by just running randomly and going over everything. Don’t forget to check every cave you stumble upon.
The Elwynn Forest route is a long one. There’s some argument to completely ignore the part of the zone east of the river because there are fewer veins there. However, if you are on a mount there’s no reason to not go there as well. Be sure to when doing circles around to go into both Kobold caves.

Don’t forget to train Journeyman mining (75 – 150) once you reach skill level 50.

The routes from now on are good regardless of your faction – just be extra careful if you’re on a PvP server. 

65 – 125

Tin Ore and Silver Ore

Barrens is a huge zone. There are two TIn Ore routes you can do here - the northern and the southern. The northern one has more Copper Ore veins there. The southern one is almost exclusively Tin. Do the northern route if you still want to get more copper, or want to smelt bronze.
The Thousand Needles route is very simple - just run circles around the zone while ignoring The Shimmering Flats. Thousand Needles has some Iron Ore veins, so it’s not worth going to Highperch and to The Shimmering Flats until you can mine those as well. That’s also the reason why it isn’t mandatory to check all the caves in the zone.
Wetlands is arguably the best zone to farm Tin Ore in Eastern Kingdoms. The route is to follow the inner circle of the zone, going into the Whelugar’s Excavation Site, and the two caves. The entrance of Thelgen Rock is just north of the Dun Algaz exit, and the entrance of the second cave is north of the path that leads to Grim Batol. Sample Description

Don’t forget to train Expert Mining (150 – 225) once you reach skill level 125.

125 – 175

Iron Ore and Gold Ore

You can continue the path you did before just include Highperch, The Shimmering Flats, and the caves.
Shown here are two different routes. The red route is for iron only. The yellow route includes mithril as well. When following the red route be sure to check the cave in the south in the ogre compound, the troll cave that is east from there, the kobold cave in the northeast, and the cave west from the Refuge Pointe.
Shown here are two different routes. The red route is for iron only. The yellow route includes mithril as well. For the best results in Badlands for iron you’ll have to circle around some mountains. If you don’t want to bother with that and just want a simple route, do a basic circle around the zone. However, ignore the Lethelor Ravine in the east. Be sure to go inside the cave behind Camp Cagg in the southwest.

175 – 250

Mithril Ore and Truesilver Ore

Follow the yellow route shown above.
Follow the yellow route shown above.
Tanaris is another simple route with you doing circles around the zone. There are two underground caves that are somewhat annoying to navigate but you can go there as well. The first one is under the Noxious Lair in the western part and the other one is under the Gaping Chasm in the southeast.
Do circles inside the inner zone of The Hinterlands. If you want you can go down the coast to the east, but it’s not necessary and might be a waste of time. Also, you can do a circle around Seradane in the north, and go up Jintha’Alor in the south, but those places are also not mandatory. The time you go up and down might not justify the few veins you could get. Be sure to check Skulk Rock cave.

Don’t forget to train Artisan Mining (225 – 300) once you reach skill level 200.

250 – 300

Thorium Ore

This is one of the simplest and most brain-dead routes in the game. Basically do a perfect circle around the zone, check down the Slithering Scar in the south, and then to Fire Plume Ridge in the center. Because of its simplicity and abundance of veins, this is the most popular thorium farming spot.
At first sight, Silithus might seem like another easy route that just follows the edge of the zone. What makes this route a bit more complicated are the three bug hives: Hive’Ashi is in the north, Hive’Zora in the west, and Hive’Regal in the southeast. A lot of veins can be found under these hives in convoluted caves. If you want to maximize your mining, you should go down there.

Thank you for reading our vanilla mining leveling guide! I hope you had fun running around and collecting veins. Vanilla mining can be a bit tiresome since you have to hit each node several times. Still, I enjoy this profession because it gives me a reason to ride around in the open world.