Vanilla First Aid Guide: 1 – 300 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Welcome to our WoW Vanilla First Aid Leveling Guide! This guide works for vanilla-era, SOM, and hardcore servers. 

I couldn’t imagine leveling a character on a vanilla server without learning first aid. It’s extremely useful and you don’t need to do anything special. You just loot the cloth from the mobs you’d be killing either way. 

If you want to do it the quickest possible way, read this guide.

Total mats needed for 1-300 First Aid

First Aid guide WoW Classic

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Apprentice First Aid (1 – 75)

Journeyman First Aid (75 – 150)

Expert First Aid (150 – 225)

To train expert first aid, you need to go to Deneb Walker in Arathi Highlands, or Balai Lok’Wein in Dustwallow Marsh. 

Buy these items from them:

Learn all of them. 

Artisan First Aid (225 – 300)

To learn artisan first aid, go to Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh or Doctor Gregory Victor in Arathi Highlands. Finish the Triage quest they give you. You’ll learn the recipes for Heavy Mageweave Bandage, Runecloth Bandage, and Heavy Runecloth Bandage from these NPCs as well. You just need to reach the appropriate first aid level first.

Thank you for reading our vanilla first aid guide! I hope it helped you and made your leveling experience more enjoyable.