Vanilla Enchanting Guide: 1 – 300 (WoW Classic Leveling)


Welcome to our WoW Vanilla Enchanting Leveling Guide! This guide works for vanilla-era, SOM, and hardcore servers. 

Enchanting is a powerful profession that allows players to imbue gear with magical properties. And every player in WoW will have at least some pieces of gear! That’s what makes enchanting mostly a money-making profession. Yes, it’s useful to be self-sufficient to enchant your own gear, but other than that – enchanting in vanilla doesn’t offer many advantages. 

You’ll be making gold mostly by acquiring rare enchant recipes and selling them. Also, you’ll be able to disenchant all the gear you don’t use and sell the materials on the auction house.

If this sounds appealing to you, read our guide to level up this profession quickly and efficiently.

Total mats needed for 1 – 300 Enchanting

Enchanting guide WoW Classic

Start by learning enchanting from one of these trainers:

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Apprentice enchanting (1 – 75)

You can buy Copper Rod from an enchanting supplies vendor. Rest of the rods mentioned in this guide you will have to buy from the auction house or ask a blacksmithing friend to craft them for you.

Alternatively, you can disenchant green items until 50. However, that is much easier for new characters who are getting extra green gear while they’re leveling up. If you are power leveling enchanting, just do Enchant Bracer – Minor Health.

Don’t forget to train Journeyman enchanting (75 – 150) once you reach skill level 50.

Journeyman enchanting (75 – 150)

Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility is a limited supply recipe sold by Horde vendor Kulwia in Stonetalon Mountains and Alliance vendor Dalria in Ashenvale. 

When you go visit either of them, also buy Formula: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength, another limited supply recipe that you’ll need further down the line. If you can’t be bothered by traveling, you can always check the auction house for those recipes. I strongly suggest you get both these recipes because they provide the cheapest way of leveling.

Don’t forget to train Expert enchanting (150 – 225) once you reach skill level 125. You can learn it from Kitta Firewind in Elwynn Forest or Hgarth in Stonetalon Mountains.

Expert enchanting (150 – 225)

Alternative – you can also do:

Base your decision on your server’s economy. Calculate if 20x Lesser Mystic Essence is cheaper than cca 60x Soul Dust.

Don’t forget to train Artisan Enchanting (225 – 300) once you reach skill level 200. You can learn it from Annora inside the Uldaman dungeon. It’s a pain to get to her, but she’s the only trainer available. 

Artisan enchanting (225 – 300)


You can continue doing 7x Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense – 7x Vision Dust.  (This recipe goes yellow at 225, so you might need to make a bit more than 5. If Lesser Nether Essence is really cheap on your server, just do Enchant Gloves – Agility)

This is learned from Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina which is a random world drop. Try to buy it on the auction house if you can. However, because of its rarity and importance to leveling enchanting, it can reach a high price. 

The Formula: Lesser Mana Oil is sold by Kania in Silithus. It’s not bind on pickup, so you might even be able to find it on the auction house.

Formula: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina is a limited recipe sold by Daniel Bartlett in Undercity for Horde players, and by Mythrin’dir in Darnassus for Alliance players.

The Formula is bind on pickup, so you’ll have to buy it with your enchanter character.

You can buy Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade.

Thank you for reading our vanilla enchanting leveling guide! Try getting some rare formulas like Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader and Formula: Enchant Weapon – Healing Power. Those enchants are really powerful and very worth getting. Unfortunately, in vanilla, you can’t enchant vellums and put them on the auction house. You have to do every enchant manually. So keep an open eye on the trade chat and contact people who need enchants!